Web stores + Fundraisers


 Need an easy way to handle ordering, payments, and organization of your orders? We can help! Our web stores have revolutionized ordering merchandise for any need you may have! No more running around with a money bag and order forms, just direct customers to our web page for orders instead, at no additional cost to you! Whether it be School, Church, Concert, local gathering, or even just some personal T-shirts, we have you covered!

How it all works

1. Give us a shout and let us know what kind of project you have! no ideas? just let your designer know and we can work up something fashionable for you.

2. Decide on all merchandise to be offered, as well as sale dates and Cost. You control the cost of the online sales, since it is your fundraiser! Your designer will give you the cost of goods, and you mark it up however much you see fit. Stores tend to run roughly 1-2 weeks and then it takes 1-2 weeks to print and sort orders.

3. Once the webstore is live, We will send you a link that you can push out on any social media platform! ALL CLIENTS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR OWN MARKETING!

4. After the web stores close, we will print and individually bag the orders. Client is responsible for pickup and distribution of all merchandise. We provide you with a point of contact for every order along with the check for the funds raised!

- If you are unable to pickup the goods, we are able to ship the bulk order to you, or possibly arrange for Delivery within the metro area. 

- We understand that not everyone has access to the internet, Be sure and ask your designer for an "in-house" order form, to be sure everyone is covered!

- If you have any other questions, Be sure to ask you designer, they are handled to answer any questions you may throw at 'em!